Cyborg Conquest



STARRING: Stacey Dash, Paul Le Mat, Eliza Swenson, Collin Galeyon, Dean Arevalo

A female biker gang led by gorgeous badass, Lady (Stacey Dash, Clueless), is on its way to Mexico after a recent string of robberies. They find themselves in more trouble than usual when stopping in a small southern town filled with seemingly abnormal people. They discover that these ‘people’ are actually androids, controlled by a deranged villain, Elliot (Golden Globe winner Paul Le Mat of American Graffiti), plotting to secretly implement these bomb-laden cyborgs into society. When some of the “Chrome Angels” are kidnapped by Elliot’s henchmen robots, these redneck beauties shift their focus from fleeing the country to saving their friends in a high-octane, gun-wielding, motorcycle racing fury.