House of Bones


house of bones movie posterSTARRING: Charisma Carpenter, Corin Nemec, Ricky Wayne

A group of ghost hunters from a nationally syndicated TV show arrive for their latest assignment – the mysterious “Wicker House” in New Orleans which has been the site of some of the most grisly murders in history. While the house has remained uninhabited since the 1950’s, locals know to stay away. When one of the ghost hunters’ team members is sucked into the walls by a supernatural force, the team has to work together to find their missing colleague. Of course, they get more than they bargained for, as they begin to unravel the secret of the house – it’s alive and its foundation is made of bone. As other team members start falling victim to the house’s visual trickery and ghost- like manifestations, they soon realize what the house ultimately wants is a new owner – someone who’s just as twisted and ruthless as the house itself and can continually lure fresh meat to the slaughter. Will they make it out alive or will this be the last and greatest episode of their ghostly TV series?