Quantum Apocalypse


quantum apocalypse movie posterSTARRING: Stephanie Chavez-Jacobsen, Gigi Edgley, Shirley Brenner, Randy Mulkey, Stuart Lafferty

A rogue space anomaly is discovered approaching Earth, and it is up to the world’s top scientists to stop it from destroying the planet. Led by an eccentric quantum physicist Trish Zane (Farscape’s Gigi Edgley), these brilliant minds ultimately determine any attempt of preventing disaster is futile. As cities across the world are destroyed, the leaders in a small town in Louisiana struggle to maintain order and fight chaos ensuing this global catastrophe. When mayor Ben (Randy Mulke) and his wife and town sheriff Lynne (Stephanie Jacobsen of The Sarah Conner Chronicles) discover the key to saving the world may be within their own embattled family, they desperately attempt to unite Trish and her team with the unlikeliest of heroes, their ingenious, autistic son, Terry (Rhett Giles).